QuickBooks File Doctor Takes care of All Your Files and Repair Databases as You Need

QuickBooks is a world popular and remarkable accounts managing software for a varied range of businesses. The tasks related to invoices, bookkeeping and tracking down of income tax files becomes exceptionally easier and efficient. The software environment provided by QuickBooks is fostering day by day to suffice the growing demands of the business world and individuals across the world. Therefore, keeping the motivation in mind, QuickBooks has embedded a brand-new feature of QuickBooks File Doctor. This software application comes integrated with QuickBooks 2014 and all the versions following.

As a dynamic accounts tools and application, QuickBooks File Doctor diagnoses the root complications related to the database, account files and other problems with the computer. After the holistic diagnosis, it provides solutions and repairs for all the errors and encountered difficulties. Customers are eased out from the headaches and complexities of troubleshooting. Thus, QuickBooks file Doctor is an application that every customer must be aware of the use and implementation.

QuickBooks File Doctor helps to diagnose the following issues easily and yield viable solution and results:

  • It assists in encountering errors like the 6000 series, 6150, 6146 etc.
  • Easily recover the lost employee data files
  • Enables the users to sort out the access of multi-user setup
  • Easy solutions for the error H101, H202, H303, and H505
  • Problems with the extensions. QBW and .QBA
  • Complications regarding transferring files from one system to another

General Facts about QuickBooks File Doctor that Every User Must be Aware

QuickBooks File Doctor as the name suggests heals your system and account files from damage and unnecessary errors. It acts like a doctor and provides immunity against all the technical glitches; your accounts environment is prone with. QuickBooks File Doctor comes as an embedded application available on QuickBooks 2014 and all the latest version. The professional application deals with all the problems with QB files and immediately responds to the damage and unrolls the recovery measures.

Intuit in 2012, launched QuickBooks File Diagnostic Tool and later combined it with QB Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool to consolidate into one program, called QuickBooks File Doctor. File doctor is primarily designed and programmed to help you access the damaged accounts and QB files for appropriate repairs.

QuickBooks File Doctor Helps You to Recover the Data and QB Files

File Doctor provides with you the ultimate tools to recover the lost and damage files. The Auto Data Recovery option assists in examining the files created hours before. File Doctor diagnoses the files of errors and produces back up in the ADR folder.  The ADR folder takes backup of the files every 12 hours of the interval and updated every 24 hours.

If you face further problems regarding the recovery or backup, QuickBooks professionals are always available to help you with data restoration.

Help with QuickBooks File Doctor Network Diagnosis

For the network diagnosis, QuickBooks File Doctor will disable the UAC settings and would need administrative rights to execute. The Network Diagnosis is executed by default as an essential feature of QBFD. The issues related to Networks and Accounts, Connectivity are resolved by the Advanced Settings.

If the problem persists with the networks and troubleshooting with QBFD, active QuickBooks is available at your disposal anytime for necessary help and assistance.

QBFD has maintained the quality of the product and delivered great help to the users around the globe in troubleshooting the issues on their own in a limited frame of time. The accounts and business related tasks have become smooth and hassle-free, as QuickBooks is avowed to satisfy the customers to the fullest.